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    New marine fish (T.M.C) 28/9/18

    A quick trip to T.M.C this morning for some lovely marine fish and a few inverts.
    Nice selection of Picasso trigger, jeweled puffer, brittle stars, wrasse, cleaner shrimps and more.

    Malaysian leaf insects & mantids, 27/9/18

    Some lovely insects in this week.
    Malysian leaf insects £18.00
    Golden mantid £17.99
    Peacock mantid £15.99

    • leaf insect
    • peacock mantid
    • golden mantid

      19/9/18 Ruinemans fish delivery

      New delivery of fish from Ruinemans Aquariums
      some lovely little fish including Amandae tetras, Pygmy gouramis, Linni minnows and Zebra eels.


      • tf pygmy gourami
      • tfm fire shrimp
      • tf cardinal tetra
      • tf Cherry shrimp
        Blue tiger lobster

        Blue tiger lobster

        Blue tiger lobster £53.50, Female

        19/9/18 Musk turtles

        Baby Musk turtles £19.50

        Musk turtles