Monty's fun and Games

 Monty the wise  
 Monty was found abandoned on our doorstep in 2007. Unloved and unwanted he has found love and a permanent home with us; as a wise snake he now offers words of wisdom for you.  Do you have some words of wisdom that you would like to share with Monty,
Use the form opposite to send them in, if Monty likes them, he will add them to his to share with everybody.
Please add your name if you would like a credit.
Words of wisdom

Two of Montys friends are Muffin (left) and Tinsel (right).
Muffin was found in some grapes in a local supermarket (his story is below, in the news links)

Tinsel was found by the Army Air Corps in a generator on return from a tour of Afghanistan and came to us just before Christmas, so what better name for him than Tinsel.

Muffin and Tinsel both live with us at Abbey Aquatics and Reptiles.

black bird   Our latest friend is a blackbird, who comes in for mealworms several times a day. If you're lucky, next time you come in you can say hello.  


 Animals in the news
Monster Pike Caught  Humpback whale saved by divers Tarantula found in grapes
Long-fingered frog found in Africa  New Gecko discovered in Papua New Guinea New Viper found in Tanzania
New species from Suriname Cutest baby pygmy hippo  Worlds smallest frog discovered