Abbey Aquatics & Reptiles, Pond department

All the plants that we sell here at Abbey Aquatics are English nursery grown,

this means that some of our plants may be a few pennies more than an imported plant; but the quality of our plants is exceptional.
union jackLook for the Union Jack for native or naturalised plants
beePerfect for Polinators


Marginal Plants

our marginal plants are sold in 1ltr & 3ltr pots
we have found these sizes to be the most manageable, with a well started plant.
All the plants come with a planting tag tell you exactly how to care for your new plant
and to enable you to choose the most suitable plant.

 perrys fire opel

 Water Lilies

Our Lilies are sold in 3ltr pots
and come with a colour coded handle and bed card telling you variety, plant depth, flowering period and spread.

Most lilies prefer full sun and still water, so are not suited to being placed by a fountain where water can splash the leaves.

 Water hawthorn

 Deep water aquatics

These plants are a good alternative to lilies as they are more tolerant to shade Nymphoides and Aponogeton are also good alternatives for the small pond

 Horn wort

 Oxygenating plants

Oxygenating plants photosynthesis under water creating oxygen which can dissolve into the water, this then helps both the animal life and the bacteria that helps to keep the pond clear.
Our oxygenating plants are sold both as bunches and pots


 Moisture loving plants

These plants are excellent for boggy areas near ponds or other damp areas of the garden.

Please note, many other pond plants are also suitable for areas of damp soil or bog gardens, look for ones that say minimum planting depth is zero.



 Floating plants

Floating plants provide surface cover for fish and help to prevent the growth of algae


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Water Lilies   3ltr pots £19.50
 gladstoniana Pond lilly

Pygmy Alba
pygmy alba

Snow princess 
 Almost black

 almost black
Perry's baby red

perrys baby red
Mrs Richmond
ppl mrs richmond

pygmy rubra 
 pygmy rubra
  Rose Arey
ppl rose arey

Arc-en-ciel Darwin
Barbara dobbins
 barbara dobbins
Pygmy helvola
 pygmy helvola
Odorata sulpurea 
 odorata sulphurea
Yellow sensation
 yellow sensation 

ppl aurora

Paul Hariot 

 Deep water 1ltr pots £8.50   
Water Hawthorn
Water hawthorn

Floating Plants £2.50

Water solidier   
Marginal plants  £4.95
Golden club
 orontium aquaticum

White robin
pp bee
 lychnis flos-cuculi(terrys pink)

Dutch rush
union jack
pp equiesetum robustum
Bog bean
union jackperfect pollinator bee
 menyanthes trifoliata

Brass buttons 
cotula coronopifolia
 Lesser water plantain
union jack
pp baldellia ranunculoides
Harlaquin plant
 houttuynia cordata

Wound wort
union jackpp bee

 wound wort 
Varigated Sweet flag
pp acorus calamus variegatus
Purple loosestrife
union jackpp bee
Purple loosestrife 
 Lesser bullrush
pp typha minima
Water plantain
union jackpp bee
water plantain 
union jackpp bee
 persicaria amphibia
Cuckoo flower
union jack bee
 cardamine pratensis 
union jackpp bee
Veronica becabunga
Lizards tail
 saururus cernuus 
Bog pimpernel 
union jack

Common bistort
union jackpp bee

Miniture pennywort
pp hippuris vulgaris
 Water shamrock
water shamrock
3lt pots

union jack
    Marsh spurge  Lesser spearwort
union jack
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