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Brazilian black tarantula
Mexican redknee tarantula
Leopard geckos

CB= Captive bred,  LTC= Long term captive, WC= Wild caught, SB= Shop bred at Abbey Reptiles, pr=price for pair rf=rear fanged

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Live food delivery every Thursday
Black, Silent & Banded Crickets
Morio worms
Small & Medium locust
£2.30 tub or 3 tubs for £6.00
XL Locusts (tub of 10)
£3.30 tub or 3 tubs for £9.00

     Frozen foods
Pinkies           35p
Fluffs              45p
Hoppers         55p
Adults             70p
Pups               55p
Fluffs               80p
Weaners      £1.10
Adult (md)    £2.10
Adult (lrg)     £3.00
Chicks (2kg)      £3.75


U.K stockist of Virides door grips
 virides door grips


 terraniumblk terranium

Fully refitted in August 2011 at a cost of £30,000, our reptile room is a delight to visit.
With everything from Corn snakes and Leopard geckos to exotic ratsnakes, rear fanged snakes and D.W.A species,
with Crabs, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs and much more. We have something for everyone,
from the beginner looking for their first pet to the serious hobbyist looking for something new and exciting.
Our Reptile room is backed up with an extensive range of vivariums and accessories from:
Lucky reptile, Pro Rep, Viv exotic, Zoomed, Microclimate and many more.
We also sell a wide range of frozen and live food, in fact everything you need to care for your exotic pet to the highest standard. 

Reptile room


Corn/ Rat snakes 

 albino korean ratsnake Albino Korean ratsnake
  Korean ratsnake  £66.00
 More due in soon Cornsnakes  From £30.00
King / Milk snakes 
  Florida kingsnake  £80.00
  Albino yellow honduran milk snake Albino yellow
Honduran milk
  Anery Honduran milksnake £160.00
   Boas & Pythons
  Boa constricor
  Brazilian rainbow boa
  Normal het axanthic CB17 £85.00
  Axanthic Royal python CB17 £250.00
Rear fanged & D.W.A
   False water Cobra  £300pr
Other Snakes 
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 rr leopard geckos More due in Soon
Leopard gecko
Rainbow skinks
 Sheltopusik Giant legless
rr green anolis Green anolis More due soon
(European green treefrog)
  Tomato frogs £30.00
RA gold axalotl Axalotyl
horsefield tortoise Horsefield tortoise More due soon
ri hisssing cockroach Hissing cockroach  £3.99

Cherryhead centipede 

  Giant african landsnail £2.50
  Giant train millipede £19.50
  Mecican redknee £50.00
  Australian redback spider
Greenbottle blue (4-5cm) £42.00


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