Reptile Room

With everything from Corn snakes and Leopard geckos to exotic ratsnakes, rear fanged snakes and D.W.A species,
with Crabs, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs and much more. We have something for everyone,
from the beginner looking for their first pet to the serious hobbyist looking for something new and exciting.
Our Reptile room is backed up with an extensive range of vivariums and accessories from:
Lucky reptile, Pro Rep, Viv exotic, Zoomed, Microclimate and many more.
We also sell a wide range of frozen and live food, in fact everything you need to care for your exotic pet to the highest standard.

Live food delivery every Thursday

Black, Silent & Banded Crickets
Morio worms
Small & Medium locust
£2.30 tub or 3 tubs for £6.00
XL Locusts (tub of 10)
£3.30 tub or 3 tubs for £9.00

Virides door grips
Frozen foods available

Frozen foods

Pinkies           35p
Fluffs              45p
Hoppers         55p
Adults             70p
Pups               55p
Fluffs               80p
Weaners      £1.10
Adult (md)    £2.10
Adult (lrg)     £3.00
Chicks (2kg)  £.75